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Turning an Insight into a Strategy

Knowing our brand health tracker revealed opportunities to restructure the media buy, we set out to mine our media performance data to maximize revenue.

We triangulated brand health survey results, in-store survey results and store-by-store transaction history to create three tiers for media support:

  • Tier 1: Top Transaction Trend and Top Survey Results
  • Tier 2: Top Transaction Trend or Top Survey Results
  • Tier 3: Poor Transaction Trend and Poor Survey Results


Stores were then mapped out by Tier using a location intelligence tool. ZIP codes around a 5-mile radius of each store were pulled and then used to create marketing lists in paid media platforms.

We saw immediate increases in media KPIs, but also brought in the data science team to do a causal analysis to be sure our decision was the action that was moving the needle.

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