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A Journey Map Is Only as Good As What You Do With It

Too often, journey maps get tacked to a wall with good intentions and are never consulted again, despite their inherent value. So, we set out to help our client, a major state toll road commission, do more than just document the user journey. We built an interactive site that allowed a viewer to click around, expand points to view video excerpts where they wanted to hear directly from the consumer and it was guided by our principles for quality:

  • Based on empathy, not numbers. While all sources of insight are on the table, it is most critical to talk to the user directly. We conducted 26 1:1 interviews with users across their multiple Commercial and Non-Commercial segments.
  • Immersive, not static. We partnered with our Digital Experience team to develop a truly engaging, web-based journey mapping platform with rich features like client-friendly navigation, use of video and ability to expand over time with new insights and research.
  • Focused on actions, not observations. We see ourselves not just as researchers, but as agents of change. We led multiple work sessions with the client to immerse them in the user experience, align on the biggest opportunities and generate solutions to those opportunities.

This tool allowed us to drive a much greater sense of empathy for the user as it allowed the client to navigate through the journeys and click on items of interest to see videos and verbatims. The dynamic nature of it also allows the client to append new insights, goals and solutions over time.

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