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A Truly Actionable Consumer Segmentation

In an effort to resonate with their varied consumers better, our client set out to perform a segmentation of their audience. While segmentation is a tried-and-true tool for marketers, our goal was to ensure this segmentation checked all the boxes:

  • Based on attitudes, feelings and motivations as well as buying behavior
  • Inclusive of both current customers and prospective consumers
  • Output addressable audiences so that media/CRM could target them
  • Quantified the financial impact of each segment’s influence on revenue

Comprehensive Data-Driven Approach

Using both first-party data as well as a nationwide tire buyer study, our data science team identified eight buyer segments. Armed with this intel, our strategists humanized each segment data into relatable customer personas that anyone could understand and conducted workshops with each department in the client’s organization to ideate and launch work-streams to activate against the segments. This meant the segmentation didn’t just apply to marketing, but  became important to operations, retail and more.

Significant Revenue Potential Revealed

Our fiercely integrated team of research, data science and strategists are the reason we were able to identify a path to an incremental $58M in future sales for our client based on this body of work.


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