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Identifying Next-to-Buy Customers

CRM and email programs play a critical role in our clients’ marketing mix, so we set out to ensure our strategies were as strong as possible. The idea was this: could we possibly create a message strategy that identified which customers would be most likely to buy which products, and when? The short answer is yes.


Optimizing CRM Management

We used advanced machine learning techniques on a robust first-party data source with intel from finance, pricing, business intelligence and marketing. That allowed us to ultimately append the entire customer database with propensity scores and time frames for key products.


Our client is now able to manage the CRM program to avoid over-messaging all customers and make the most of the customers who are most primed to need to make a purchase. It’s working — after just one month of the new program, we are seeing 66% increased open rates and a projected 9x improvement in program effectiveness.

Right place, right time, right product — a magic combination.

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