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Using Brand Health Data to Drive Business Outcomes

We refuse the idea that marketers should accept dry, data-dumps disguised as Brand Health Reports. We see brand tracking studies not as a measurement tool, but as a strategy tool. Our recent work with a QSR client is demonstrative.​

Enriched our understanding of the brand funnel

We added dimensions of population density and store proximity to our measures of brand awareness and consideration. This allowed us to ID markets that were over and underperforming expectations at different levels of the funnel.​

Focused on the most critical outcome and how to improve it

We identified the drivers of consideration and mapped our client’s performance to competitors which revealed that “a uniquely bold flavor experience” was their most salient and distinctive message.​

Made tangible media recommendations

Armed with the insights above we were able to ID priority markets for media investment and a media plan tailored by market based on the channels, messaging and geo-fencing radius that aligned to the funnel opportunity.​

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